About Us

Peace Of Mind And Memorable Days


From Miami, Florida, established in 2013 with our commitment to providing unforgettable, authentic stay for brazilian travelers in Miami and New York, Usa.


Beginning of work in Portugal with 60 properties of high luxury in Lisbon and Algarve for English and Brazilian travelers.


We decided to extend our services to Brazil in 2018 to introduce Rio de Janeiro to the most demanding global travelers.

The Rio Luxury Stay selects only properties with staff services that meet our high standards for quality and distinctiveness.

For owners, we offer full advisory and free training for their employees to learn about the world standard of hotel and concierge services with a positive return to owners.

Our greatest ambition is to make true friends between travelers and owners for a long relationship of trust and where our service is really useful and convenient for you.

Our Service Standards

We’ve selected of the best destinations and have inspected every home to make sure you get only the most exclusive selection of properties and location for your next vacation.

Everyone’s ideal vacation is different. To account for that, we don’t just sell the same prepackaged experience. We go to great lengths to offer dedicated concierge service, a trained expert who can customize your villa vacation experience.

Associate a beauty and relaxation program with your trip:

  • Fitness
  • Recovery
  • Rejuvenation
  • Stress Relief & Corporate
  • Weight-Control & Detox

Rio Luxury Stay offer a large variety of services and experiences, both on site and off site. You may choose to relax on the premises of your villa or decide to explore the city and its surroundings, either at your own pace or with one of the many fascinating tours. The Rio de Janeiro has so much to offer with its famous vibrant life style, wild nightlife and beautiful beaches and landscapes that you will desire to visit the city over and over again.

Transfer from the airport included for stays inside the city of Rio de Janeiro. Please refer to the other regions.

You will receive a smartphone with wi-fi and you will be connected to our 24/7 support team.

Our Commitments

1. Our mission

To create a comfortable home away from home for our members.

2. Equality

Rio Luxury Stay is fully committed to the law and spirit of Brazilian policy that guarantees equal treatment for throughout the citizens of the world. We encourage and support an a affirmative advertising program where there are no barriers to the travelers because of race, color, religion, sex, disability, state or country of origin. Our multilingual platform is accessible for more than 20 countries in more than 10 languages, shortening distances and bringing citizens closer to the world.

3. Honor the local people and culture

To participate in the social, cultural and economic development of the regions in which we operate. Favor local producers who are a guarantee of the rich heritage of the region.

4. Sustainability

Guarantee a service of an exceptional and sustainable quality increasing the awareness of our guests and our partners on social responsibility through fair operating practices. Encourage our guests and partners to contribute to our vision of a sustainable future. Apply waste regulations and strive to limit any type of pollution. Reduce the water and energy consumption in the properties. Understand, protect and and respect the biodiversity that surrounds us.

5. Local charity

We encourage and support all travelers have adopted the ‘Giving Bag’ scheme, which allows guests to donate any clothes or accessories they no longer wish to take home to those in need through the Red Cross. Guests are also given the possibility to help disadvantaged people by donating their partially used bath products. Both donations only need to be dropped into a ‘Giving Bag’ which have been placed in every room wardrobe.